Youtooz Moxxie Helluva Boss #4 (PRE-ORDER)



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‘Where’s Millie?’

A weapons expert, assassin and most of all doting husband? What more could we want!? Oh, wait, a Youtooz debut of course! And Moxxie ain’t one to disappoint! Crouching down at 4.7 inches tall on hoofed feet and raising an ornate pistol in his right hand as the left extends its slender fingers out, a sharp-toothed smile stretches wide across his red face as angled eyebrows sit over deep yellow eyes. With tufts of white hair flicking forward from between his curling striped horns and either side of his head, he wears a bright red bowtie and long flowing black coat which flicks out at the ends as a long pointed tail snakes out to the side. The exterior of their packaging sees a deep red silhouette against a dark background, while the interior surrounds them in maroon stripes that are reminiscent of dirty wallpaper. The protective sleeve is then patterned with diagonal black and white stripes and printed with the ‘Helluva Boss’ logo as their figure can be seen through the large clear display window at its front. 

This collectible was designed in collaboration with @therealracckun and ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

Helluva Boss is an animated web series created by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano that follows the adventures, misadventures and wild antics of the I.M.P assassination company as they struggle to make a name for themselves, stay afloat and survive one another in the competitive killing market of hell!