Toy Temple Funko Low Risk High Reward Mystery Box LE300 5.14.21

Toy Temple


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-Each Box Is $10.00
-1 POP Per Box, 4 Box limit per household
-300 Boxes Total

Below are the top pulls from this box

-1 Cheerleader Deadpool SDCC Exclusive

-1 Ram Man Toy Tokyo SDCC Exclusive

-1 3 Hole Punch Jim Funko Shop Exclusive

-1 The Flash CHASE

-1 Elvira CHASE (Special Sticker)

-3 Curse Mark Sasuke (Convention Exclusive Sticker)

-3 SSGSS Goku Kamehameha Chalice Collectibles Exclusive AUTOGRAPHED 

-3 Vegeta Powering Up Chalice Collectibles Exclusive CHASE


The remaining items in the box are commons. Varying from several years old to newer releases. All pops in this mystery box are mint and ship in a .5mm protector. This is a fun affordable, low risk high reward box to try and hit on some high dollar items. 


Not a fan of this box? No worries, just wait for the next one. 

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- No returns or exchanges.