Toy Temple Anime Mystery Box 2.3.21 LE150

Toy Temple


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-Each Box Is $24.99
-1 POP Per Box, 5 Box limit per household
-150 Boxes Total


-1 Naruto Hokage CHASE AAA Exclusive ($120 Value)

-2 Majin Vegeta Over9000 Exclusive (Autographed by Chris Sabat) ($70 Value)

-2 Hange Attack on Titan (Vaulted) ($65 Value)

-5 Sailor Jupiter ($35 value)

-5 Sailor Chibi Moon Glitter (Special Edition Sticker) ($65 value)

-5 Terrible Tornado CHASE ($34 value)

-5 Sailor Venus and Artemis ($39 value)

-5 Sailor Moon w/ Moon Stick and Luna (Special Edition Sticker) ($35 value)

-10 Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan ($30 value)

-10 END Natsu AAA Exclusive

-20 Yami Marik Toy Temple Exclusive

-20 Korra (Special Edition Sticker)

-20 Aang on Airscooter (Special Edition Sticker)

-20 Galick Gun Vegeta Chalice Exclusive

-20 Mirio Togata Chalice Exclusive

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- No returns or exchanges.