Toy Temple 5.14.20 Mystery Box LE 100

Toy Temple


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- 1 POP per box

-$15.99 per box, 100 boxes total, All Pops are Mint

- Ships on 5/16/2020

- U.S. shipping only 

Below is a list of all 100 possible pops: 

x1 Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Autographed (Chris Sabat)

x1 All Might #248 Autographed (Chris Sabat)

x1 Piccolo #11 Autographed (Chris Sabat)

x1 Shenron Autographed (Chris Sabat)

x4 Majin Vegeta 

x4 Galick Gun Vegeta Chase

x4 Powering Up Vegeta Chase

x10 Hologram Rick Clone Funko Shop Exclusive

x10 Curse Mark Sasuke Convention Exclusive

x20 SSGSS Goku Chalice Exclusive

x20 Todoroki Glow In The Dark Convention Exclusive

x20 Ashe Funko Shop Exclusive


- No returns or Exchanges