Rittenhouse 2022 Doctor Who Series 11 & 12 Booster Box Hobby Edition

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Each Box contains Four Autograph Cards!

Doctor Who Series 11 & 12 Hobby Edition Trading Cards are highlighted by unique autograph cards and other unique inserts.
The edition is limited to 5,000 boxes.
All signers have signed on-card and all have both regular and inscription versions!

Look for 60 base cards to collect, Parallel sets, inserts, autographs and more!

Signers Include:
- Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor)
- Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair)
- Jo Martin (The Fugitive Doctor)
- Alan Cumming (King James)
- Patrick O'Kane (The Lone Cyberman)
- Mark Addy (Paltraki)
- Robert Glenister (Thomas Edison)
- Bhav Parmar (Sonya Khan)
- Nicholas Briggs (Voice of Daleks)
- Mandip Gill (Yaz/Yazmin Khan)
- Sacha Dhawan (The Master)
- Sharon D. Clarke (Grace O'Brien)
- Brett Goldstein (Astos)
- Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain)
- Samuel Oatley (T'Zim-Sha)
- Sylvie Briggs (Ada Lovelace)
- Anjli Mohindra (Queen of the Skith)
- Seylan Baxter (Tecteun)