Konami Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk Launcher 25th Anniversary Edition

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Duel like the King of Games with the 25th Anniversary Duel Disk strapped to your arm. Wear it with honor as you battle to defeat Seto Kaiba and Blue Eyes White Dragon in this Legendary card game. Just like the Disc Yugi wears in the arenas of the Duelist Kingdom, it can be worn in standby or battle mode. Simply press a button on the bottom of the unit and the two surfaces come together for the Duel Monster's Tournament! Duel Disk features a deck holder, card slots for play, arm band and cuff, lights, life points display, Yu-Gi-Oh sounds, and mechanical movement. Batteries included.

  • 25th ANNIVERSARY YU-GI-OH MERCHANDISE: Gift yourself of fellow Duelist a functioning Duel Disk with Life Point Counter, Deck Holder, and "Standby Mode" to "Duel Mode" transforming action!
  • REAL MOVEMENT IN 2 MODES: Flip switch on the back of the Duel Disk to change from Standby Mode to Duel Mode!
  • 2 DIFFERENT LIGHT MODES: Mode I - Flashing Lights and Life Counter; Mode II - Turns on Life Counter Only. Lights stay on for 30 seconds. Batteries included.
  • LIFE POINTS TRACKER: Push the triangle buttons to change the numbers. Duel Disk measures 13 inches wide and 23 inches long.