Killer Klowns From Outer Space Trading Cards Series One Collector Boxes

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It Only Hurts When You Laugh
"Killer Klowns from Outer Space": The kult klassic kontinues with this new official trading-card set. With 60-collector cards plus rare variants and subsets, you'll die laughing at all these crazy pieces of cardboard have to offer. Featuring classic scenes from the movie plus exclusive new art by some of the most talented modern illustrators, these cards have it all. Look for holofoils, cold-foil subsets, rare serial-numbered Gemstone Refractors and case-hit Culture Shokz cards.
Killer Klowns ... they're no laughing matter. But you'll bust a gut. Or they will.
Approximate odds of finding per pack: - Collector Parallel Rainbow Holofoil 1:2 - Collector Parallel Cozmic Holofoil 1:2 - Vintage Style Flashbax, Parallel 1:2 - Serial-Numbered Gemstone Refractor 1:9 - Iced Foil Subset 1:9 - Culture Shokz, Cold Foil 1:96 Odds and Variant Types Subject to Change for Production*
Configuration: 2 Packs per Box. 5 Cards per Pack