Disney Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Trading Card Booster Pack

Toy Temple


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Ominous beings called the Heartless from an unknown dimension threaten the very existence of the known worlds. You will take the role of Sora in order to fend off these dork forces. However, you will not have to struggle alone - your favorite Disney characters like Donald, Goofy, and Ariel will Help you in this ultimate challenge. 

The Kingdom Hearts TCG is a two-player card battle games in the world of Kingdom Hearts. Players travel through strange wondrous worlds clashing with the Dark forces in order to win, all the while trying to stop their opponents from doing the same. 

The key to victory lies in the friendships you make, as those friends will help you throughout the game. The Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game: Blister Pack contains one 10 card booster pack for the Kingdom Hearts collectible card game