About Us & Policies

We select, pack and ship our Pops like it was for our own collection.
We take pride in making sure when you receive a Pop from Toy Temple,
that it is one you would select if you were in a store.


We do not accept returns and exchanges

If you receive an item not in the condition advertised please send us photos by e-mail to ToyTempleLLC@gmail.com. All claims must be notified within 5 days of receipt of the product.


If you order multiple items in a single transaction, and it includes a pre-order item, all items will be shipped once the last pre-order item becomes available. We do not offer partial shipment. 

If you want the in-stock item immediately, please make separate transactions from the pre-orders items.


All cancelled orders are subjected to a minimum 5% cancellation fee. All return orders are subjected to a minimum 20% re-stocking fee.


We do our best to offer these with a minimum value guarantee of what you paid for it. We pack these in large batches, so you and a friend might get the same type of box. There is no guarantee with our mystery boxes. There are no return or exchanges on mystery boxes.