Early Black Friday 2019 Guaranteed Value Toy Temple Exclusive Mystery Box

Toy Temple


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What is Guaranteed?

- Guaranteed 2 Funko POP in each Mystery Box

      - 1 Funko POP Exclusive (Minimum) per Box

      - 1 DBZ / MHA Funko POP per Box

- Guaranteed $30 PPG Value as of 11/5/19

- 1:6 Chance to Pull an Funko POP! Exclusive Majin Vegeta

- 1:6 Chance to Pull an additional Dragon Ball Z Funko POP! Autographed

- Chance to pull other potential prizes & grails!


Top Prizes

- 4x Metallic Whis SDCC Exclusive

- 2x Golden Frieza (Black-Eyes) SDCC Exclusive

- 1x Golden Frieza (Red-Eyes) SDCC Exclusive

- 1x Ochaco (Masked) SDCC Exclusive

- 1x Batman (Pink Chrome) NYCC Exclusive


Other Information

- Shipping begins at 5 PM on on November 15th, 2019

- This mystery box ships in a regular shipping box

- Limit 2 Per Household

- No Cancellations, Returns or Exchanges / All Sales are Final