Toy Temple Black Friday ALL CHASE Mystery Box LE 200

Toy Temple


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-Each Box Is $29.99

- Every pop is a guaranteed chase piece!
-1 POP Per Box, 5 box maximum per person

-All Pops ship in a .5mm protector
-200 Boxes Total

- Due to volume of orders associated with Black Friday, This box will ship in 5-7 days

All Possible Pulls: 

x1 OG Joker Chase

x1 Korra Glow in the Dark Chase [Special Edition Sticker]

x1 8-bit Joker Chase

x2 The Flash Chase [Newer Box]

x3 Elvira Chase [Special Edition Sticker]

x3 Naruto Hokage [AAA Exclusive]

x5 Angus Young Chase

x5 Mugato Chase

x5 Bill Murray Chase

x5 Porg Chase

x10 Mayor Chase

x10 Goose Chase

x10 Dipper Pines Chase

x15 Persona 5 Joker Chase

x15 Star-Lord Chase

x15 Terrible Tornado Chase

x18 Galick Gun Vegeta Chase [Chalice Collectibles]

x18 Powering Up Vegeta Chase [Chalice Collectibles]

x18 Super Saiyan Kale Chase [Chalice Collectibles]

x20 Facebook Jim Chase

x20 Alexander Nitrokoff Chase

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-No returns or exchanges.