Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2024)

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Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2024)

The Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trading card set promises an exhilarating collector's experience. From unique card designs and technology used, you'll uncover a variety of eye-catching content. Look out for themed insert cards that explore the world of Wakanda and Talokan. The thrill continues with big hits such as: talent autograph cards, metal cards, etched foil and low serial numbered cards!

90-Card Base Set:
- Including: 9 Ensemble character cards and 9 Behind-the-Scenes cards.

Impressive List of Talent Autograph Cards:
- A chance to pull an autograph with an inscription from one of the main cast!

Wield a piece of Vibranium - Metal Cards!
- Short Prints
- Talent Autograph Variation

Themed Etched Foil Cards:
- Radiant Royalty + Short Prints (SP)
- Precious Metal Gems Magenta

Pack Hits:
- [4] Base Set, Ensemble or Behind-the-Scenes Cards
- [1] Base Set, Ensemble or Behind-the-Scenes Purple Parallel Card
- [1] Insert or Chase Card

Box Hits:
- Purple Insert Parallels - Fearless Warriors, Close Quarters Combat, Impressive Tech, Noble Funerals, Queen's Guard, Prominent Profiles
- Beneath the Surface - Plexi Card
- Chase Hit from the following - Base Set/Enesemble/BTS - Blue, Green, Red, Gold Parallel, or Printing Plate; Fearless Warriors/Close Quarters Combat/Impressive Tech/Noble Funerals/Queen's Guard/Prominent Profiles - Blue or Red Parallel

Configuration:Ā 15 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack